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Kavita Shah Quintet

“Shah’s music reflects the insatiably curious mind of an ethnographer, the soul of a poet, and the eye of a painter.”
- Owen McNally, WNPR
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Born out of her critically-acclaimed debut album VISIONS (Inner Circle/Naïve Music), the Kavita Shah Quintet explores Kavita's original music and her arrangements of jazz standards and music from around the world. Incorporating themes of diaspora into her work, Kavita uses her background in ethnomusicology, linguistic fluency (she speaks 9 languages), and in-depth knowledge of various cultural traditions to place seemingly eclectic and diverse music elements in dialogue with one another.
Kavita has toured with her band across the US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, and Spain on such stages as the Kennedy Center, Blue Note, Jazz Standard, Duc des Lombards, Brisbane Jazz Festival, BRIC Jazz Festival, Melbourne Jazz Festival, Perth Jazz Festival, Rochester Jazz Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, and Winter Jazz Festival. Kavita will release a studio album with her Quintet in 2024, co-produced by Miho Hazama and funded in part by Chamber Music America. 

Kavita Shah - Voice, Compositions, Arrangements
Leo Genovese - Piano
Juancho Herrera - Guitar
François Moutin - Bass
Ferenc Nemeth - Drums
Miguel Zenón - Alto Sax (guest)
Steve Wilson - Soprano Sax (guest)
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